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we make podcasting simple, effective, and meaningful for your business

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How It Works

Your business has an idea to start a podcast (great idea)


We create a brand for your podcast

Set up all of the channels for distribution and mktg

Could build a website for the thing too

Then we build a bespoke multi-channel promotion strategy + more (in about a month)

After that we help record, produce, distribute, and execute that marketing strategy to put your podcast to work for your businesses/brand (monthly, for a flat fee)

Not quite sold on a podcast for your business? Here's why we think it's a good idea

New Angles of Approach

Our marketing chops lead us to build bespoke multi-channel promotional strategies for podcasts that really work. And our passion for music drives us to create high quality podcasts that sound like your brand, and engage your audience.

We help answer all the questions and deliver the results, month over month.

Now we're focused, building an internal AI tool to help your podcast perform better, everywhere

P.S. We can't wait to build a podcast with you, honestly. It's super fun. And podcasting is 'wide open' for those who focus on quality (and some other things we have learned). We hope you seize the opportunity, we'd be excited to help.

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