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Welcome to Episode 3 of Sorry We're Open, where we dive into the creative realm with Allie Bonthius, the visionary force behind Montana Cannabis Magazine. Recorded at Steep Mountain Teahouse in Bozeman, MT, this episode tells the story of a true creative spirit.


Ben explores Allie's creative origins, delving into the development of her unique style and sensibilities that define her work today. Allie tells a charming tale of her first encounter with photography, and how it set her course. Allie opens up about the significance of solitude in her creative process, emphasizing the peace she finds in her work and the meaningful connections she forges along the way.


Tune in to witness the evolution of a passionate content creator whose roots trace back to the simplicity of a disposable camera. The conversation extends to Allie's role in Montana Cannabis Magazine, where she passionately advocates for sustainability in the cannabis industry, both in Montana and beyond. Her mission is to instill the concept of conscientious cannabis consumption.


Join us in this engaging episode as we unravel layers of creativity with Allie Bonthius, exploring the intersections of passion, purpose, and sustainable advocacy in the world of cannabis.

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