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In Episode 4 of Sorry We're Open, Ben sits down with Emily Fitterman, the vibrant ceramic artist behind Fitteramics. Tune in as Emily shares her journey of discovering ceramics and explains how she infuses everyday household items with color and whimsy.


Emily delves into her origin story and shares inspirations behind her ever-evolving creative process. For Emily, Fitteramics embodies not just a business venture but a journey of personal and creative growth. Each piece she crafts is an intimate extension of herself, reflecting her passion for artistic exploration.


An advocate for handmade items, Emily passionately articulates her belief in connecting with the artist's energy through their creations. She explains why she finds handmade pieces superior to machine-made ones, adding depth to the appreciation of craftsmanship. Ben leads the conversation into the realm of Emily's marketing strategy, revealing how she breathes life into her artwork beyond completion.


Emily's innovative approach involves using her pieces as dynamic props for social media content, adding a playful touch by personifying them with googly eyes. In this episode, Emily's contagious creative spirit takes center stage, leaving listeners captivated by the authenticity and energy she brings to her craft. Sorry We're Open invites you to explore the world of Fitteramics and embrace the whimsical artistry of Emily Fitterman.

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