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Welcome to Episode 5 of Sorry We're Open, where we dive into the world of intentional connections through the artistry of candlemaking with the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind The Pour Studio, Breezy and Laurie.


Nestled in the heart of the Cannery District in Bozeman, MT, The Pour Studio isn't just a candle pouring studio; it's a vibrant event center that serves as a hub for creating and nurturing meaningful connections within the community.


In this episode, Breezy takes us on a journey through the origins of The Pour Studio, weaving in her experience as the owner of the lifestyle brand, Magical Babe. When the challenges of the Covid era hit, Breezy and Laurie teamed up. They merged Laurie’s business acumen with Breezy's expertise in the cosmetic and fragrance realms.


Breezy and Laurie stress the importance of intentionality in every aspect of their craft, from the carefully curated scents to the thoughtfully designed private pouring experiences. The duo reflects on some profound moments from past sessions, where candles became not just objects, but vessels for fostering genuine connections.


Get ready to be inspired by the magic that happens when two souls pour their hearts into creating more than just candles— they craft connections. We hope you enjoy the warmth and light that radiate from The Pour Studio!

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