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three four

welcome to three four, a music-and-marketing-minded studio that provides a podcast-in-a-box, episode production, and promotion.

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Start podcasting in 45 days or less

Here's How It Works:

We’ll kick everything off with a meeting to discover more about you, what you’d like to talk about, and any assets.

Then we step away to build all of the channels and platforms you’ll need to podcast.

During that time, we’re also working on what your podcast will look like. We review the podcast identity with you and work through it to make sure it’s a fit.

During this creative process we will collaborate to determine the core of the podcast: theme, topics, guests, and make sure that is in alignment with your objectives.

After that, we finish your podcast website and the remainder of items to launch (guest info deck, equipment).

From 0 to a running podcast in 45 days or less.

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What's after that?

After you’re all setup, we recommend producing and promoting with Three Four to maximize your results.

Combine high-quality audio and video editing with our podcast marketing engine to ensure your podcast is part of the conversation. 

Podcasts that promote with Three Four see over 200+hrs of consumption in 6 months.

three four provides:

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about us

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three four was founded because we love podcasting. it’s a powerful way to develop a strong content marketing angle for your business.

we are an extension of MDS, a full service creative studio (check them out). this is where we develop our marketing chops to make your podcast


at heart, we love music and telling stories (aka mktg). we jump at creating meaningful things for businesses like yours.

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